Saturday, 26 March 2011

view at UUM

today i have discussion at PKP(Pusat Kegiatan Pelajar)..
not tired but bored..bcz lot tink not done..huhu..afraid if cnt manage..we have to do presentation aftr 7 April...
waaaaaaaa '_' mama...takutnya.."killer lec"...em..i dont tink so bcz he is good lec..also motivate us in his ways..:) so we discuss..bla~bla~
i saw "fren" on d way to pkp...em..dnt have much word to say..juz ignore him..:(
after finish discussion,walk to mall to buy food..but forgot to bring enough money..juz only bring RM5.00..
hahaha..then i juz only buy bread that cost rm3.20..huhu..expensive maaaa....ayyoo~~~
then i walked back to my dpp(dewan penginapan pelajar)...
SUDDENLY, i saw beautiful view at in front of TNB i recorded to show to you :P

lalala~~feel happy when saw tis...subahannaallah....nice.also i show to you my residential place,dpp mas..ngee~~
""home sweet home..""...^_^

trimas baca entri sampai habis.dah komen ke?dah ea..thanx

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