Saturday, 26 March 2011

Gaza Sales Charity Programme

wanna know more bout tis..lets figure it out~~0n 6-12 n my cmmttee for tis pgrme do lotssss of tink 2 make it success..more than 2 weeks to plan & finsh d budget & ppaperwork..huh...tired bcs had 2 figure out want suppose to put inside in d paperwork...1st work we are doing is tearing the box..tired....after few weeks not day..finally we finish it..(fuhh~~fell freedom)..hahahah..then we colored d boxes with different,dark chocolate(if i not mistake..hehehe..
makan kek semasa sesi mengoyak kotak

emm..tis our director for tis prgme..wt pe lh 2..hahahha~~jgn mare ye..:) lots of fun doing tis tink..1st experiences tearing box until morning...wooww.....from 8.30pm until 2 or 3am..huhuhu...nak jimat punya pasal..many people ask me "why u want to do tis make u feel tired.."  simple answer from me..."i got satisfaction bcs can help people life.."hahah xle bla jwpan an...heheh...
       we also had game---explorace..1 of it is..enterpreneuship sales..hahha..cyan dowg..sume yg bli foreign stdnt je..but it good bcs help them & teach to communicate in other language..then we had dinner at Darulaman Golf&Country place++FOOD!! d food tooooo delicious!!nyum3...

we have 9menus..hikhik..cgt cdp oo...especially chicken lemon..very nyumy...i want it more!!!here we have lots of special Mr Lutfi behalf of Aman Palestin,foreign guys(thankz a lot bcs help me ya),sdtnt from various courses..n not frgt to ecah..our singer for tat nite..very nice voice...i hope can have other prgrme so i can invte her...:) BUT frgt to took my own pic!!haiya~~too busy entertained vip..huhuh..really sad..bju bru bli xsempat nak amk pic..sdh ooo'~~~'  xpelh..t g kayuk itik ngn mira..hahhahaa..
after 1 week we had postmortem..rutin biasa dah..dlm 2 de talk bout smtink...bla~~bla~~then eat!!tat more imprtat..hhhaaha..nasi hujan panas+ayam masak merah+daging masak kicap..dari catering hafiz..sedap ooo...after ate,evryone ketagih nasi 2.hahaha..
sdp hingga mejilat jari kot..
i tink i have to go now..feel sleepy..warrghh....nite everone...

trimas baca entri sampai habis.dah komen ke?dah ea..thanx

4 0..orang yg menyepit:

nuraishah said... [Reply]

along..nnti ltk chatbox tw.n lalu lintas..:)

afifah said... [Reply]

ok..y kt seblh 2 tol x?

Aniza Ariff said... [Reply] r blog ko.hr2 update.suke2 ^_^
btw thankz 4 invite me to see dis page.relly luv it so much.ahahaha make me never miz u aftr dis (mcm pnh rndu jek)
lv the song but quite sedih la bunyi nye...
overall,mmg best!!!!!!!!!!!!! siap ade pic ak lg.hahaha syg ko~

pip said... [Reply]

hahahah...ak pn ske2...
sbnye xnk ltk pn..hahahha....
sje nk kengan je..hikhikhik :)

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