Sunday, 27 March 2011

korea drama

full house
i like Korea it sooo much..i cnt descripte it with wonder many girls n boys crazy bout korean people..bcz me one of it..!! 1st movie that make me fall in love with korean people is FULL HOUSE.. :) d movie is so amazing...i cnt change my decoder to another repeat it until night..
The actor for this movie is
Kang Hae Won, Yu,
Min Hyuk, Han Ji Eun, Lee Young Jae..if you ask me which actor i LOVE of course Lee Young Jae. he look so smart++handsome..good looking ..:) tis drama got best award in 2004..ngee~~actually tis drama all about love. Han Eun Jung who act as Kang Hye Won been conned by her she try to manage it back by borrowing some money from Lee Young Eun act as Hee short it, she had to made an agreement or contract with him by marry him..hahha..funny right...;) after few months, they start to love each other..n lastly they got married..nice++stylish drama for me..  
if you never watch this movie..better to watch it now..:) 
do not miss watch it..n enjoy the moment when watch it..have nice day..<3

trimas baca entri sampai habis.dah komen ke?dah ea..thanx

4 0..orang yg menyepit:

Anonymous said... [Reply]

tak suke..hehe

afifah said... [Reply]

tersentap sb xske...hahahah:)

nuraishah said... [Reply]

snce when u mnt korea ni??awwww,,plisssssss..hahahah

afifah said... [Reply]

hahah..wel..since born i like them ok..hahha

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