Friday, 17 June 2011

apy mom & dad day

me n my sis took 1week to figure out what we should give to our mom & dad..bcoz tis year we want to give somtink special to them.. maybe u also wondering right what the best gift u should give to them..

SOOOO... the answer is nothing..what??!! nothing..
why?bcz every single gift is u should not to worried what their respond..
can give them KISS..but 'us' think the best give is always pray for them..pray the best tink for them..nothing good like this..yeaaaa!!

also we give them a chocolate..just simple but 'them' really2 appreciate it..but i ate their choc..hahahaha..

trimas baca entri sampai habis.dah komen ke?dah ea..thanx

4 0..orang yg menyepit:

nuraishah said... [Reply]

memglh..bab along xske nuts..hehe

cik afifah said... [Reply]

hehe...but still ada nut..makan tapi yg perting nut dibuang..:) coklat tu dah nk abis sebb along je yg mkn..yg ni alng letk nama kita sume tw.

braderlove said... [Reply]

hepi father's day to ur dad..=)
my father already passes away..alfatihah.

cik afifah said... [Reply]

to braderlove:alfatihah..semoga roh ayahmu tenang &ditempatkan dikalangan orang-orang yg beriman & layak masuk syurga..amenn...

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